Brand DNA

Brand Positioning – determining the position of the brand
Brand Health – analysis of brand health
Brand and Portfolio Innovation – innovation of brand and product ranges
New Taste – testing new flavours
Brand Story – assessing brand communication
New Packaging – testing new packaging
Price Optimization – determining optimal price levels

Brand DNA is what makes the brand special, the soul of the brand.

We can help you:

  • find the unique value of the brand
  • cover your customers’ rational and emotional needs
  • make your customers identify with the brand
  • find opportunities in the market
  • determine your brand’s health in the context of the competition
  • launch new products and SKUs, minimize brand cannibalization

Customer DNA

Consumer Insight – B2C / B2B customer and shopping habits
In Store behaviour – in-store habits
Customer Satisfaction – satisfaction of your B2C / B2B customers
Customer Segmentation – mapping customer segments
Customer Loyalty – B2C / B2B customer loyalty analysis
Customer Motivator – B2C / B2B customer benefits and motivations

Nowadays, customers want more than just benefits. They seek brands that care for them, solve their problems, make their lives easier, and make their dreams come true.

We can help you:

  • understand your customers
  • analyse factors that affect customer and shopping habits
  • identify brand purchase motivators and barriers
  • ascertain unmet customer needs
  • asses relevance of target groups
  • find new ways of getting to new customers
  • determine motivators that can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Staff DNA

Staff satisfaction – satisfaction of employees, analysis of benefits, motivation, and loyalty

Staff professionality – professional attitude of the staff, customer-oriented approach

Human resources is the key value for every company.

We can help you:

  • measure your staff’s satisfaction
  • identify sources of discontent and low loyalty
  • monitor your staff’s communication with customers
  • provide customers’ view of your services
  • monitor your staff’s compliance
  • identify the weak points of your staff
  • measure the image, values and attractiveness of your company
  • adjust your Employer Brand

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